Process 1: Manuscript reception

All manuscripts submitted through the Journal website submission platform or through Journal e-mail are scrutinized by the Editorial Office to determine suitability for publication within the scope of the Journal and checked for manuscript preparation in line with the Journal guideline. This is done within 48 hours of submission. Manuscripts that met the Journal criteria are acknowledged and assigned unique manuscript identification numbers, which is then communicated by e-mail to the corresponding author in writing on official letter head of the Journal. Manuscripts that are not prepared in line with the Journal are sent to the corresponding author for amendment and re-submission. Manuscripts that are outside the scope of the Journal are rejected outrightly without assigning manuscript identification number, and decision is communicated to the corresponding author by e-mail message.

Process 2: Reviewing and assigning reviewers

Manuscripts with unique identifiers are reviewed by appropriate Editor before sourcing for reviewers in the discipline of the manuscript within the Journal pool of reviewers or outside of the pool. A minimum of two independent reviewers within the discipline are selected to assess a manuscript

Process 3: Peer Review

Manuscripts are reviewed in a closed ‘double blind’ manner. The review process takes between 4 to 6 weeks for completion.

Process 4: Decision on reviewed manuscript

Two reviewers’ reports must usually agree for the Board to make a decision concerning acceptance or rejection of a manuscript. The final decision on this is made by the Editor-in-Chief.


Manuscript Evaluation form

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COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers

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