An out-break and observations on Trypanosomiasis in Fresian cattle at Sabon-birni, Kaduna State of Nigeria

A O Fajinmi, J N Abenga, F A Lawani, J C Ukah, E C Ikemereh, P U Nwabuko



Bovine trypanosomiasis has clinical features characterized by anorexia, emaciation, anemia and the prognosis is usually guided culminating in death. An out-break of trypanopsomiasis was reported and subsequently investigated in Batagarawa farms, Sabon-birni, Rigachukwu LGA Kaduna State of Nigeria. Clinical observations were made on parameters including appearance, temperature, pulse rate, respiratory rate, color of conjunctiva and lachrymal secretions. Record of pre and post treatment indices were also taken.

Trypanosoma congolense was isolated from five (5) Friesian cattle out of forty (40) Friesian cattle sampled representing 12.5%. Several workers had reported the occurrence of trypanosomiasis in cattle and goats. The present study deals with the observations on naturally occurring trypanosomiasis in Friesian cattle.

Haematological examinations were performed employing routing procedures. Biochemical activities and parameters were determined by standard calorimetric method using blood chemistry analyzer. Animals were treated with start doses of Berenil (3.5mg/kg body weight) intramuscularly.

Trypanosomiasis has been recognized as a disease of great economic importance as it generally causes heavy production losses by reduction in milk and other protein yields. There is emaciation in sub-acute and chronic conditions, low working capacity and high mortality in acute cases. This study confirmed that trypanosomiasis is a threat to introduction of exotic breeds of cattle into Nigeria.

African Journal of Clinical and Experimental Microbiology Vol. 8 (1) 2007: pp. 35-38