Assessment Of Leukocyte Esterase Dipstick Test In Diagnosis Of Childhood Urinary Tract Infection

SI Adeleke, MO Asani, EE Nwokedi



This is a prospective study of urinary tract infection in 65 children (38 males and 27 females, M: F ratio 1: 0.7). Urine samples were evaluated by culture, microscopy and leukocyte esterase dipstick test. Positive urine culture, with significant bacteriuria was found in 19(29.2%). Urine microscopy for leukocyturia identified positive urine culture in 6 of the 19 samples, giving a sensitivity of 43.1%. leukocyte esterase distick test correctly identified 14 of 19 urine samples with culture proven UTI (74% sensitivity). The positive and negative predictive values were 37.1% and 87.2% respectively.
The leukocyte esterase dipstick test was found to be better than leukocyturia in detecting UTI. in conclusion, leukocyte esterase is sensitive in detecting UTI, easy to perform, requires less time and does not need a highly trained personnel for the test.

African Journal of Clinical and Experimental Microbiology Vol. 10 (1) 2009: pp. 10-14