Proteinuria And Occurrence Of Onchocerca Volvulus Microfilariae In Skin, Urine And Blood Of Onchocerciasis Patients After Ivermectin Treatment In Adikpo, Benue State, Nigeria

KB Tanyigna, JA Onah, EU Amuta, CO Onwuliri, IO Ujah



Fifty adult patients in Adikpo, Benue State, Nigeria having an average of 50 microfilaria/skin snip (mflss) and 2 microfilaria/milliliter (mflml) in skin and urine respectively were given a single treatment of Ivermectin at a dose rate between 150 – 200mg/kg. Five of the patients also had microfilariae in their blood. Seven days after this treatment, there was a decrease of the microfilaria from pretreatment level to 17.8% and 10% in the skin and urine respectively (i.e.82% and 90% clearance). There was 100% clearance in the blood. Trace proteinuria shown in 30 (60%) patients before treatment was increased to 45 (90%) patients after treatment. This study has revealed that Ivermectin has a great efficacy in clearing microfilaria of Onchocerca volvulus in the skin, urine and blood of individuals. The increase in the number of patients with mild proteinuria after treatment and its implication require further investigation. It may not mean that the increase in protein content after treatment is due to Ivermectin.

African Journal of Clinical and Experimental Microbiology Vol. 9 (3) 2008: pp. 119-121