Seminal Fluid Analysis And Biophysical Profile: Findings And Relevance In Infertile Males In Ilorin, Nigeria

EK Oghagbon, AAG Jimoh, SA Adebisi



To determine if there was a bearing of body mass index (BMI) on male infertility, a cross-sectional study of males of infertile couples, attending our infertility clinic was carried out. Apart from BMI determination, the semens of these men were analyzed to ascertain their spermogram. Out of 47 men involved in the study, 66% (31) were below 40 years of age. Seventeen (36.2%) of these were between 30-39 years. About 49% of the study subjects had oligospermia, while 23.4% were azoospermic. Those subjects between 30-39 years had the worse spermogram. Thirty-two (68.1%) and 15(31.9%) of the whole population had good spermatozoa motility and morphology respectively. Poor BMI, whether low or elevated, affected the semen quality. In conclusion, infertile males should be encouraged to seek help early. Attending clinician should pay attention to their past or present genital infections and the biophysical parameters.

Afr. J. Clin. Exper. Microbiol. 2004; 5 (3): 280-284