A Critical Review on HIV/AIDS and Wound Care

EP Weledji, HLF Kamga, JC Assob, DS Nsagha



Wound infections in AIDS patients increase discomfort, prolong hospital stay, render an additional burden upon an already debilitated patient and weaken the immune system further. Treatment must relate to the aetiology of the wound and take into account the patients underlying health problems. The treatment of wounds in HIV-AIDS patients is not different from the standard treatment. There are wound -related criteria for selecting the appropriate types of dressing. The best dressing for postoperative wound healing by secondary intention is unknown. Continuing wound evaluation and the appraisal of what dressing is useful for the type of wound and stage of healing is the basis of optimum wound care Optimum wound care, emotional support; health education will enhance both the emotional and physical wellbeing of the HIV-AIDS patient.

Key words: Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), wound infection, delayed wound healing, optimum wound care, dressing types, nutrition, and pain control

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A Critical Review on HIVAIDS and Wound Care